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Where does the live porn come from?

Pornography has always existed, yet we keep saying that it is a new phenomenon. It is often very difficult to tell the difference between what is pornographic and what is a realistic representation of sexuality. What is new every time is the forms and representations that pornography has been able to take in the history. Indeed, the word pornography has evolved according to the times and what we called "obscene" or "immoral" could easily today be classified X.

Pornography 2.0

For centuries, pornography was hidden and was discreet. On the internet, porn live images, movies and porn stories are easy (and almost freely) accessible to all. But it is also the kingdom of secrecy. The X industry now favors a strictly private consumption of these productions. Porn is a business that brings in a lot of money. Become an object of private consumption, she tries to adapt to each and every fantasy. This is perhaps why it is difficult to define because it has multiple faces (more or less violent, more or less weird).

The invention of porn "under the mantle"

In the middle ages, sexuality is still a part of everyday life. It is only from the wars of religion that sexuality and the relation to all that concerns "the flesh", the body, will be more and more regulated. Indeed, in the West, religions gradually interfere in what is most intimate in the individual (through confession among others) and gives strict rules of conduct to follow, including in the field of sexuality. But as all that is prohibited attracts, stories and pornographic images are far from disappearing. Only it is a phenomenon that is more discreet, secret. Some texts will be coded. This is the beginning of what will be called "libertine" literature in the 18th century. Diderot even tries this literary genre.

Evolution of pornography

Pornography has also developed into what is newly called porn live, it is still a form of pornography that many youth adapts to participate in the porn industries trough their web cams. This form of porn is commonly used because each and every one can realize its fantasy with the model of his choice after paying some tokens to them free live stream porn.

In advertisements, in movies, in series, we see more and more references to pornographic films. Just look at some clips to understand that they are inspired by the X industry Life.

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